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Sharma Shiva 

Shiva has been working in the energy field since he was 13 years old. 

His spiritual gift as a healer as well as being able to use energy, crystals and natural remedies was passed down from his grandfather. Shiva's grandfather successfully worked with women all over India, healing them with natural medicine and energy therapies most of his life. He was widely recognized in the community and country and so his passed down wisdom was "Something you cannot buy" ( Shiva, 2019) Now in his Grandfathers honor Shiva continues his work.


Shiva is both gifted and professionally trained. He teachers healers all over the world about how to utilize their innate power so they can heal others.

Shiva believes that we are all born with this innate power and wisdom. It's about how to access and use the power that counts" (Shiva, 2019) 

On top of 'teaching teachers' he also works both individually and in group settings conducting energy diagnostics with the person in need. 

Shiva will give you a 'reading' online ( As he lives in India) which outlines and explains your mental, physical and emotional state and how it is all interlinked as well as potentially 'holding you back'. He does this by simply looking into your eyes and connecting with your energy systems (The 7 Chakras) and the cosmos where answers reside.

Shiva will kindly explain to you what is stopping you "From having a healthy flow in life and what changes need to happen so that you are living the life you want again" ( Shiva, 2019) 

"Shiva, what a magic man he is! I was skeptical at first. I haven't much experience in the world of energy, nor do I believe it fully. BUT all I know is my experience with Shiva has changed my life. He was able to precisely tell me dates and the names of people which had hurt me. The pain from certain events in my life was 'stuck' in my system and holding me back. He cleared it ALL. I felt lighter and empowered instantly" ( Elsie, 2017)

"Shiva answered questions which had been playing on my mind for a long time. He made sense of my past. Gave me guidance for the present and hope for the future. Shiva also gave me some mudras, mantras and crystals to use to help me heal" (Sarah, 2019)

Your session can consist of what is listed below. Shiva charges per hour. Please inquire for his very reasonable rates.

Energy Diagnostics; What is out of balance in your energetic system. Chakras.  How is your past events and the meanings you have tied to them affecting you today. What do you need to let go of? What is making you physically sick.

Energy Clearing; personalized and sacred mudras, mantras and meditations to assist in clearing the unwanted energy stored in your system. 

Healing Energy Guidance; Which specific crystals and to use in order to help you. Which herbs, foods and lifestyle choices will also assist in your recovery

Answers; Past, Present and Future guidance. 'Clairvoyant' in nature. 

Teacher of Reiki, Sound and Crystal Healing. Rates vary. 

Please contact The Collective Therapy for more information. 

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