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Welcome to The Collective Therapy.

We use a fusion of modalities to create irreversible change. From helpless to wholeness.


The Collective Therapy is a friendly, confidential and professional Counselling, Hypnotherapy and Healing service.
We tailor the therapeutic process to the individual, couple or group's needs, as we believe not one method fits all. 
It's an rapid, effective and transformational service BOTH ONLINE AND 'FACE TO FACE'.
Guiding people to reach their goals, creating empowering relationships with themselves and others and healing emotional and physical illnesses.

Home: Welcome


Hi, I'm Chelsea Morgan, the founder of The Collective Therapy. I'm a registered and fully qualified Counsellor, Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapist (R.T.T) and Energy worker; Reiki, Massage and Crystal healer.


I’ve been practicing professionally as a therapist since 2015, through a mix of healing and therapeutic modalities.

My career started off as a high school arts teacher back in 2009 but I soon realised that my mission to help transform young lives was limited in a school setting. Over time, I became qualified in Counselling, Reiki, Crystal healing, massage and RTT Hypnotherapy. I have worked in private organisations and public, both internationally, nationally and in remote Australia.

My qualifications and life experiences, from traveling the world and working in many areas, has supported others in their own positive transformation. Assisting them to embrace their wholeness, accept their greatness and discover their passion and purpose. By moving beyond their past, accepting challenges of the present to find hope and healing. 

My curiosity about human behaviors started at a very young age. It came from a place of wanting to understand people so that I knew how to connect with them. Which is important to me.

I know it can be hard to accept that something seeming so far out of reach could be your reality. But I believe in human potential and that our salvation lies within each and every one of us...

The road to truth is not always found easily. But the freedom found is life changing.  

In every crisis there is a danger and an opportunity and I am inspired to guide people to find clarity in the opportunity. I believe that perfection isn't possible but transformation is. I do not want people to hide from the parts they are ashamed of because its too painful for them to look at. Rather I want to help people get through this self sabotaging limit they put on themselves, which consequently drives them to live a life they don't want. 


What lights me up is helping people in an authentic, passionate and down to earth manner. 

My greatest reward in life so far is being called a 'transformational powerhouse' with a gigantic heart who sets people free.


I feel very honoured. 

As cliché as it might sound, I truly want each and every person to live a life filled with love. A life with abundance and a life full of confidence and self belief, no matter the background or walk of life. 

Now, you might think you're 'incurable' or that what your suffering from is unique. Or that "It might have worked for someone else, but it won't for me". I know because you are not alone. A lot of people I have helped over the years have felt the exact same way. But it's not true.

I want you to know that you deserve to feel better and you can- no medication required. 

The driving motive behind creating The Collective Therapy was to design services that are tailored to the individual, so they feel comfortable, safe and inspired; having an enjoyable experience in a therapeutic setting. 

If you don't want to talk, no problem, if you're not ready for spiritual work, that is also fine.

I will walk beside you in your journey of transformation.

We can use a fusion of modalities to create irreversible change and wholeness... 

I look forward to hearing from you.



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"I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become".
CHOOSE you. CHOOSE growth. CHOOSE to heal. CHOOSE Empowerment and Wholeness.

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